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Welcome to the Christmas Store...all things barns and humble beginnings. We're so grateful to showcase some amazing design and get this decor into your home.

Come for the barn door hardware stay for the barns :)

stay for the barns


Christmas Store Spotlight

Designer: Jan McClure

When I started making these ornaments it was to give my siblings a reminder to stay rooted in our family humble beginnings. I wanted to give a nod to our parents simple lives that were grounded in faith and to give us a memory of who we are inside because of them.

Growing up on a farm, our barns were simple and functional, you could say humble. I think that's what draws me to barns the most. The look of something that's authentic, strong and uncomplicated.

When I think about this season, I think about the first Christmas and the King of Kings sleeping in a humble manger. I have such joy thinking of the Light coming into that dark place in such a humble way.

The barns may not represent a manger but I feel they represent humble beginnings that can be enjoyed at Christmas. From our family to your family this Christmas.