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How to choose the best sliding barn door hardware for your project.

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Post from Jan 2018 (edited Nov 2019)

Happy New Year!

What a great time to redo lots of things...our diet plan, our perspective and yes maybe redo a room in our house or office!

Im with you. Its such a great time to restart and do something different. To put ourselves in motion early :)

So lets begin with assuming you're doing so great at your diet already :), taking action on perspective change for this year and you're ready to get started on another change...redoing a room in your home/office you love all ready.

One of the most simple ways to transform a space is to add a door with sliding door hardware. The hardware is simple to install and can add such character or charm to a bland room or a hallway...but where can I add a sliding door?

Some of the best spaces for sliding doors are closets, hallways, bathroom doors, kitchen pantry doors, cover built in shelving, dividing a large room/making office space or even covering a wall mounted tv. We've seen a lot of creative ways customers use sliding door hardware in their homes or office.

Heres some examples of the hardware. 

Left picture is 6ft arrow black.

Right picture is 6.6ft straight black.

brhomehardware sliding barn door hardware


Heres options to see larger spaces...

double door entry way   single door laundry       


One of the hardest things in redoing a room is deciding on the right hardware for your space. You want the right finish, with the right size with the right design.

Lets start at the beginning and walk thru all the stages needed to choose the right sliding door hardware.

1. Choosing the right color sliding hardware.

First, you need to look at the room you're ready to redo and look at the color tones already in the room. Do you have lots of browns, beiges, golds, pinks, even navy? Then you will want to choose any of the metal finishes like copper, brushed nickel, white finish to highlight more of the colors you already have in the room. For majority of might have the gray tones, light blue or teal, deep reds or whites. If you have these colors then you'll need to choose the black hardware. Once you have the color chosen then you'll need to go to the next stage of choosing the right size.

Tip: Look for the darkest color you can get of the black color or the most even tone of the metal finishes. When you buy the cheapest out there sometimes you get hardware that looks gray or rusty instead of the rich color you really want on the hardware.


2. Choosing the right size for your sliding hardware.

A sliding door is very different than sizing a regular hanging door that swings on hinges. We're very used to hinge doors...some of us even know standard sizes without measuring. Kudos to you :) Most of us need help from tape measures and calculators...including myself :) For assurance sake, measure the opening you want to cover with the door. Then measure to the left or right of the opening. You should have at least the same distance to the side of the opening that you measured for the door. That assures your door will slide out of the way completely.

Ex: opening is 3ft wide, you have 3ft available on only 1 side of the opening = 6ft single door hardware

Lets say you have a large opening that could use 2 doors. Make sure on both sides of the opening you have enough room for both doors to slide out of the way completely.

Ex: opening is 6ft wide, you have 3ft available on each side of the opening = 12ft double door hardware

There are times your opening is not the standard size. No problem. Just make sure you measure the opening first, then the sides to make sure the door(s) will slide completely out of the way. When looking for custom sizes you might find a huge increase in price. Most of that is because the custom size is not manufactured as much...which increases the retail price.

Tip: A great way to get around paying the high cost of a non-standard size hardware set is to find a larger standard set that is less expensive and cut the rail/track to the length you need. Most contractors can do this cutting for you. It will save you some money in materials and still gives you all you need for the install.


3. Choosing the right design for your sliding hardware

This is the fun part for me :) I love looking thru designs of what I want to display on the door. For reference sake, the rollers of the hardware kit are the design piece. The rollers fit to the front of the door or the top of the door. They come in very simple designs to very complex design...depending on your style and budget.

Some of my favorite are the arrow and the straight rollers (aka 'j'style or bent strap). These designs seem to fit every kind of house or office out there. Believe me there are a ton more other options...but these feel the most effective for what I like to see on sliding doors.

black arrow          

Do an image search for barn door hardware kits to see the different kind of designs available. Also be aware of the price point you want to hit in choosing the right design for your door and your budget.

Tip: When you search for hardware, look for hardware made from steel. Also make sure the rollers have at least 2 bolts that go into the door for stability sake.


4. Extra info for you :)

Sometimes you need to pay attention to the weight the hardware can hold because of the door you're hanging. Make sure in the hardware description you find a weight limit of 190lbs or more for custom doors or solid wood doors.


Starting off the New Year with a redo in your home is so satisfying and rewarding for you, your family and friends. Enjoy this kind of 'redo' for the simplicity and added value it brings to your space.

Looking forward to more opportunities to reshape people's homes and offices with sliding door hardware.


Barrett Renovation & Home

Alivia Barrett


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