How Much Do You Love The Beach?


I have been in love with the beach since I was in high school.


I remember a friend of mine asking me to go with her on her family vacation. I remember the salt in the air, the breeze in my hair and the sun on my face...while I was riding one of those old school bikes.


We were so goofy and started singing from the movie Sound of Music while peddling down a beach road. It was so fun to picture ourselves in the movie...but on the beach :)


What a great memory that is for me. It's actually the memory God gave me as an adult to remind me how much I loved the beach. So grateful to have explored that picture in my mind later in life when I have a family.


I love the beach for lots of reasons now.


I love seeing the beach in my home...or your home :)


I wanted to share this design. It doesn't have sliding hardware in it but it does have beach colors and feels very tranquil.


When you are trying to update your home...what motivates you? What brings spaces to life? Are you trying to match a color in your mind or a feeling?


All these things help bring decorating to life.


How much do you love your beach and is it in your home?


Let us know if you need any design or color help.


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