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Where does my order go?

Barn Door Handles Barn Door Hardware SALE

Where does my order go?
So you've finished your research on what kind of barn door hardware (barn door handles, pillows, jewelry) you want to purchase. You've looked thru great companies that sell them and you land on Barrett Renovation & Home.
Thank you for choosing us.
What happens to my order if I leave the page or want to keep shopping before I check out?
Theres lots of places you can find your order.
Shopping Cart Icon
One of the easiest places to look is in your cart icon on the top right of your page. It shows up once you leave the checkout process that you have something in your cart waiting for you as you shop.
The next place is in your account. If you already went thru checkout before and filled out the information then you can log in at the top right. It is right beside the cart icon.
If none of that works...or your a 1st timer (we love 1st timers :) then you are welcome to email ...we can retrieve the cart for you & send you a link to start the process again.
Can I still use the discount codes if I need to retrieve my cart?
I know most customers are wanting the discounts we offer by becoming a BR & Home member. Please dont forget to sign up thru any of the buttons available to start receiving these discounts & updates of new inventory. We want to share our savings with you and the best way to do that is to offer discounts.
And yes...the discounts usually are automatically saved & should show up again the next time you go to your cart. If an old one is there or the one you have isnt working, then 'x' out that discount and type it in again.
What if I am already in the cart but need to go back to adjust my customer info or update items in my cart?
Cart - Customer Information - Shipping Method - Payment Method
In the top left corner of the check out page, you should see the steps you took to get to payment method. Just click on shipping method, customer information or cart and it will take you to update any item or information needed. Then you can continue the process again to the payment method. Then onto the check out to finish your order.
We hope this answers your ?s about any disappearing orders.
Contact us if you have any ?s at
Thank you for shopping at Barrett Renovation & Home.
Todd & Alivia Barrett

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