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Barn Door Hardware... What do I need?

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Like most American families...if you're're wanting a sliding barn door to replace a closet door, a pantry door, a bathroom door...maybe a bedroom door or dividing space between 2 large spaces like a living room or a dining room. It makes sense. The charm, the usability...the sliding barn door is a must have for most families.
But what goes into that new look?
There's a lot that comes with a sliding barn door update. The purchase of the wood door (in the finish you like :), sliding barn door hardware, barn door handle & of course the area prepped (casing removed, old door removed, drywall, paint). Then you have to find the person ready to install it...if it's not you :) A lot of hardware kits come so you can install yourself...but if you're not ready to take that leap, then its great to hire a contractor who hangs doors in their regular work load.
Like most of us, when we want something new in our home...we look for options available for the cheapest price. This is a great method if you know exactly what you want. Sometimes you see something the very 1st search and know it's yours. I get it. It's easy to fall in love quickly with something new for your home...even if its not the cheapest out there.

What do I do if I cant find what I know looks great in my home?
We recommend going to your Home Depot or Lowes as starting out points for wood doors. For hardware, we recommend shopping at Barrett Renovation & Home. We carry sliding barn door hardware & barn door handles. For install, if you live in the Lexington, KY area you are welcome to contact us for install. If not, we recommend you looking on for great contractors in your area.

Can you help me choose where the barn door can go?
Hopefully you've chosen a space that doesnt already have door casing (like a closet or living room) to add a barn door. These spaces are some of the easiest to update. Bathrooms, bedrooms & even pantries are not impossible but it is the next level of commitment because they normally have casing to remove & drywall/painting. Rule of thumb...choose a door opening that has enough space to the left or right of it for the door to slide fully out of the way. Its easy to forget this rule since we have such few sliding doors in our home...but its an important choice before you purchase all your supplies. That way you wont have to return your big dream of this update in the middle of the install because you dont have enough room.
What am I missing?
Something so easy to miss in the excitement is the width of the barn door in relation to the hardware kit you ordered. Most kits come with a recommended door width. Its pretty important to stay under that width so you can use the hardware you fell in love with. If you shop the other way...where you buy the door 1st...then make sure you purchase hardware that works with the width of the door you have. Either way...once you find the pairing that works...its not too far away for you to see this dream in your home.
We hope this helps you. Email us with ?s
For easy shopping...heres some of the options we have currently in stock...
Thank you! Happy Shopping.
Alivia Barrett


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  • Muller Designs on

    It looks great! You did an awesome job!
    What size handle should we use on your door? 6 in, 9 inch etc.
    Thank you, Muller Designs!

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