How to use PayPal with my debit or credit card.

Using PayPal with by debit or credit card.

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Its very simple to pay at checkout using a debit or credit card. We recommend using PayPal as the checkout.

Why is PayPal so important? Dont you have other ways to make the payment?

PayPal is quick and secure in your money transactions. We've been using PayPal for years and really love it. PayPal payments are available to us immediately. So we can ship your item quickly.

Know our other payment gateways work great...but usually have a hold on your money for at least 3 days. With the delay in payment...your item may have delay in shipping.

I dont have a PayPal account and really dont want one. Are you sure I can pay thru PayPal?

Yes. PayPal has an option for debit and credit cards to pay without creating an account. Its called PayPal Guest Checkout.

Its not always easy to spot...but we thought we'd give you the steps right here.


Steps to pay with PayPal Guest Checkout...

1) In your cart, click Check Out.

You can add your discounts in Check Out.

*You can still go thru the PayPal button as a guest...BUT YOU CAN NOT ADD DISCOUNTS THRU THE PAYPAL BUTTON.

Check Out Button


2) Fill out your customer & shipping address.

Then continue to the shipping method. *Know at any time during the Check Out process you can add a discount code. It is located above the subtotal of your purchase.

Customer Information

Continue to Shipping Method

3) Choose the shipping method & Click Continue to Payment Method.

Continue to Payment Method

4) Click the button beside the PayPal logo.

Fill out the billing info. Then click Complete Order at bottom of screen.

PayPal Payment Method

 Complete Order Button

5) PayPal popup will appear.

Check out as a PayPal Guest. Fill out the information as a guest using your debit or credit card. You do not have to create a PayPal account in order to check out.

PayPal popup


6) Congrats! You've paid for your purchase using PayPal with a debit or credit card.


Know we have other ways to pay...but know we prefer PayPal. Quicker payments means faster shipping...and we all want that :)


We hope this helps you at checkout.


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